Bilingual Licensed Nurseries in Japan

Bilingual Licensed Nurseries

Age Range: 1-6 Years Old


Based on bilingual education, the school aims to develop self-confidence and language skills that will enable students to live and thrive in the global society of the future, and to develop a confident personality that will make them proud to be Japanese.
Safe Learning
We will take care of the health and safety of children and promote their emotional well-being.
With bilingual childcare as the nursery school’s foundation, Japanese childcare providers and their foreign counterparts work together to build trusting relationships with the children.
Life Skills
Building a child’s basic tools necessary for life while simultaneously cultivating a moral foundation to build off of.

Daily Schedule

“Good morning!” The nursery staff cheerfully welcomes your child so that they won’t feel anxious about being away from their parents. The nursery teachers listen carefully to any information that needs to be communicated, and then get ready for the day’s activities. The children take off their shoes and bags and put them away.

Every morning we check the physical and mental health of the children (attitude, health, diapers etc.) so that they can spend the day comfortably and in good health.

The experienced English teacher calls us over to form a circle so we can sing and dance in English together! The children’s curiosity and imagination is stimulated as they play in English.

Enjoy a walk with your teachers using English and Japanese. Licensed nursery teachers will keep a close watch on the children’s safety.

When your children come back from their walk, they’ll take off their shoes, wash their hands, and gargle. Day in and day out, your children will learn good manners.

“Thank you for the meal!” Your children will learn Japanese manners and will also have fun eating together. Even children who don’t have a big appetite will want to chow down! We also take measures against allergies.

After lunch, it’s time to play freely. A foreign teacher will engage with your child in English and licensed nursery staff will watch over their safety.

We’ll keep a close eye on your children while they sleep and to prevent them from falling asleep on their back. After a good night’s rest, we’ll play together again.

After waking up from a nap, it is time for everyone’s favorite snack. After eating, it’s time for Play Time, which everyone is looking forward to!

“Let’s play together!” We devise ways to incorporate English into play and foster international communication skills.

Your children will talk with teachers in English and Japanese to review what they’ve learned. The habit of remembering and reflecting on the day’s events will create the seeds of bilingualism.

“See you!” When parents come to pick up their children, our licensed nursery teachers give them a full report on how the children did. We value our relationships with parents.

This will be the first time being away from my child. Will we be separated from the beginning?

One of our nursery school’s basic principles is to separate parents and their child from the beginning.As your child communicates with teachers and friends on his or her own, he or she will develop a sense of independence.

Why do you offer bilingual childcare?

Japan has a foundation to be proud of, nurtured by its long history. In addition, there are many standard ways of doing things outside of Japan. We believe that it is important to experience these two things from an early age.

What are the features of your bilingual childcare?

Basic childcare is provided by licensed providers and foreign teachers who work together to provide bilingual education. There is time to study English every day.

What are the features of the English program?

From basic English study to seasonal themes and goals, we focus on music, dance, and art to cultivate imagination and self-expression.

Is it possible to visit the school?

Absolutely! Depending on the situation, we may not be able to accept your specific date/time, but please inquire by phone.

Does the nursery school provide drop off and pick up by bus?

Unfortunately, we cannot. Please understand that we cannot provide transportation for any reason.

Do you offer extended care?

We do! Morning hours are from 7:00 to 7:30, and evening hours are from 6:30 to 8:00. An additional fee for extended care is required.

Do you have any items for purchase?

We do! We sell school hats and t-shirts.

Is there an allergy policy for school lunches?

We will do our best to accommodate you. Please contact the school for details.

Are there any annual events?

Yes, there are. We have events throughout the year.