Online Classes

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Online Classes

Age Range: 0-8 Years Old
Here at ILH, we understand that  everyone learns differently . Because of that, we offer a wide variety of options to promote english learning — one of them being our unique online classes. In 2020, the need for online learning resources became even more prominent, which is why we have placed a heavy priority on creating engaging and fun online learning to meet your students and school on their level.

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What will your students learn in an online class?

Great question! In our class, your child will get access to our unique in-house curriculum that centers around world culture, becoming a global citizen and expanding their ability to express themselves.

Who will be teaching your online class?

Our teachers are experienced performers and English teachers from all over the world. We provide a unique perspective on learning through having fun and exploring the world. Our Product Team is a group of experienced individuals to ensure that you get the most out of your digital learning experience. Our performance team are professionally trained in on-stage performance and our quality assurance team ensures that our teachers are always in tip-top shape for your kids!

What does an online class actually look like?

Like our in-person classes, our online classes have their own curriculum unique to the different style of learning online learning requires. Our classes range from 15 min to 30 min depending on the age. We have two types of Online Classes.


Nursery Schools

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For our friends at nursery schools looking for more engaging and fun experiences with our teachers from all over the world, our team can set up times on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to get up, move, dance, sing and learn about the world.


Individual Students

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30-min class @¥1000

For our friends at home looking for more English education that is different from all other styles of English education, our individual online classes might be for you! Classes are capped at 6 students to one teacher in order to ensure that each student is best engaged for learning. Reach out to our team and we can schedule your first class!

Why choose an ILH online class?

We understand during this difficult time you have many options to choose from when it comes to online learning. We understand why you might ask “Is ILH really better than any of the other options?” The answer is yes. Here is why.

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Unique Curriculum made in-house with unique songs, illustrations and animations made specifically for the age that we’re teaching

A diverse staff from all over the world so your child gets exposure to a true global education.

A professionally trained Product Team dedicated a unique and in-depth educational experience that leaves a lasting impression on your child.

A well-rounded digital approach to education. Along with our in-person classes, we are also rolling out a learning track platform in February so your kids can learn from games, traditional approaches,

We’re always looking to improve! We value any and all feedback our clients give us and are eager to make adjustments where appropriate.

NEW Online Abroad

Connect with teachers from all over the world

Learn with teachers from around the world from the comfort of your own home! Our teachers can conduct fun, active, performance-based classes to give your students a glimpse of the world outside of Japan! We even offer a FREE TRIAL.

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Steps to your first online class

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A message from our Product Team

Our classes are all done by Zoom, managed by our Product team to troubleshoot any issues you experience. You’ll first need to reach out to us at the email below and we will reach out to you for a consultation on when works best. There we will identify your technical environment, how familiar you are with Zoom, online learning, answer questions about our curriculum and anything else that might come up. From there we will schedule a time for you and send all details via email along with access to your online portal.

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