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Age Range: 0-6 Years Old

Foreign Recruitment

We recruit teachers from all over the world. This ensures our clients have access to people from all over, from all cultures, and with all skillsets.

Teaching candidates of all different nationalities

Training & Introductions

After providing us with the requirements you have, we will look for the perfect fit. We offer additional training programs to ensure quality and placement success!

Foreign teacher training by Japanese professionals

Long-Lasting Placement

Our teachers are all placed with the intention of long-lasting placement. This ensures you won’t have to find another teacher and your kids can enjoy a fun and loving teacher for a long time!

foreign teachers placed in Japanese schools
Eikaiwa classes for preschoolers

We have over 10 years of experience in matching Japanese schools with foreign teachers that become long-lasting assets to their educational community.

At the International Language House, we understand that finding qualified foreign teachers to interview can be difficult enough. Finding a long-term match for your school is even harder! Because of that, we at ILH want to take on the hard work for you. With our Introduction program, we find qualified teachers that meet ILH standards and connect them to your school.

After finding a match, ILH remains an invaluable resource for continued success. We can provide different levels of support, including training, onboarding, and language/cultural mediation.

Schools choose ILH English recrutiment services for our unique & professional candidates!

  • We promise quality, diversity, performance, longevity of tenure, & responsible caretaking.

  • Performance-based Training 🌟For an additional cost, we can train the teacher with our in-house performance-based training.

  • On-site Training 🌟We’re also able to provide on-site training and educational philosophy training for an additional cost. On-site training provides your teacher with lived experience in various nursery schools around Tokyo.

  • Educational Philosophy Training 🌟Our educational philosophy training provides teachers with both the foundation of education and also a clear training in Japanese education, nursery school environments, basic Japanese and Japanese culture.

  • Management Services 🌟You can also add-on our management services to ensure you always have access to support with your teacher for all their needs.

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Emmy, Singapore

Aoba Japan Bilingual Nursery

  • Classroom Teacher
  • 35 Years Old
  • 7 Years of Experience
  • ILH Certified 🏅
  • 280,000¥
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United States

Aaron, United States

Poppins Nursery Dispatch

  • Dispatch Teacher
  • 24 Years Old
  • 1 Years of Experience
  • ILH Certified 🏅
  • 260,000¥
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