Language House Fujisaki nursery school had a great time in the past month, with one event in June plus two exciting learning experiences.

June’s event was Crazy Hair Day.
It is not familiar in Japan, but it is one of the American school events where students come to school with a strange and unique hairstyle.
At Fujisaki Nursery School, the children enjoyed looking at themselves in the mirror as they colored and decorated their hair during the daycare.
The children were so excited to see their hair more fancy than usual!

After the event, we went to a park on a sunny day between rainy days with our crazy hair, making it even more exciting.

After the event of the crazy hair day, they went to the park and enjoy a break in the rainy season

For the first lesson of interest, the children learned about the “Family Tree” in English class taught by Rakia teacher.
Using the Family Tree, the children learned what to call each “family member” in English, along with certain characters they love.
First, we practiced each name with Rakia teacher!

The children then placed the characters on the colorful family tree that everyone drew.

The second lesson of interest was the vegetable garden.
The baby class planted sunflowers and the toddler class planted some vegetables!

In addition to the tomatoes and green peppers that the children in the toddler class know, there is also sunny lettuce, sanchu, mizuna, myoga, shiso, and more. They’ve never seen this before! With great interest, they asked the teacher to show them how to plant the seedlings.

We have observed carefully, and are looking forward to the vegetable growth!

”We’re working hard and getting bigger. Don’t touch us !”