:If you're anywhere near a pool, there's water waiting for you! @Language House Fujisaki Nursery School

The months of July and August at Language House Fujisaki Nursery School were filled with many activities unique to summer. The children’s voices were lively and energetic every day.

In July and August, the children enjoyed a lot of sensory play as part of “sensory play month” in English class!

First, they tried to touch and feel things with their feet and hands. To test the sensation of their feet, they closed their eyes and put their feet in the following order: wigs and string => cardboard => thick sponge ring => flour => flour dissolved in water => water.

Then, both the infant and toddler classes put water in the flour and kneaded it by themselves, enjoying the texture.

Only the infant class added water to potato starch to try a different texture than flour.

Furthermore, children enjoyed sensory play with jelly, boiled pasta, and slime every time.

Everyone is mixing and making slime as they please! @Language House Fujisaki Nursery School

While playing with various senses,  Rakia teacher also taught us how to say each of the five senses in English.

Water play, a typical summer activity, was also held in the form of the Songkran Festival in Thailand. Songkran Festival is a water splashing festival held during the Thai Lunar New Year. The teacher taught us about the Songkran Festival, and we all splashed a lot of water on each other.

Our teacher taught about the Songkran Festival  @Language House Fujisaki Nursery School

Kids even got to wear a traditional Thai outfit!

The lovely Thai traditional costume makes you smile! @Language House Fujisaki Nursery School

One of the events in August was the Japanese-style summer festival, “Natsu-Matsuri”. While keeping infection control measures in mind, the festival was held for a short time with the participation of parents. Everyone wore yukata or jinbei, different from their regular clothes, and enjoyed yo-yo fishing, elephant ball drop, and a room full of big balloons.

Yo-yo fishing together with mom @Language House Fujisaki Nursery School

Of course, we also played pool and split watermelons.

The children were energetic even in the hot summer, and made many summer memories.