Japan, especially Tokyo and other large cities, is growing more international every day. With language school tuition rates steadily increasing and more people eager to begin their life in Japan without having to sit through hours of lectures, you may be wondering just how necessary fluency is when it comes to having a successful career here. 

In recent years, there has definitely been a spike in job opportunities that require little to no language ability. However, the vast majority of these jobs are within a number of fields, English education being the biggest by far. Other fields that commonly have positions for non-Japanese speakers are information technology, recruiting, sales, and food service. Office and service jobs are usually mixed Japanese/foreigner environments, offering the additional benefit of learning Japanese on the job!

Where does that leave expats interested in other industries? Don’t give up! It is definitely possible to find a career in many other fields, regardless of Japanese ability. Having prior experience or education from your home country will definitely boost your chances of finding jobs in Japan. Another option is to find a position that encourages growth within the company. ILH is one of many companies that encourages our employees to pursue their personal and professional interests while working a stable position with us. This is also a perfect kind of position for those who are still trying to figure out their career path and would like to build a variety of skills on the job. 

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