Based on the post written on September 16 2021

What is the ILH Leader Board?

At International Language House’s in-house private and public schools, our original program includes this board in the daily routine. Every week we go through a rotation of these leader roles, and a few students are chosen at a time to be that week’s leaders. The leaders are broken up into categories: Group Leaders, Teacher Helpers, Room Leaders, Daily Leaders, News Leaders, and Outside Leaders.

Under each category, the leaders each have various responsibilities.

Group Leaders

Lead Radio Taiso every morning and head up the lines.

*In Japan, radio taiso is known as radio calisthenics, where everyone stretches their bodies and warms up their muscles for the day’s activities.

Teacher Helpers

Bring the role call sheet to the teacher, take care of the lunch box coolers, and help feed the fish.

Anything the English teachers or childcare providers need help with, the teacher helper is the first one to be asked for assistance.

Room Leaders

Set up chairs for lunch, wipe off tables, and sweep floors.

The room leaders’ roles are especially important during lunch time, when everyone needs the room to be ready for eating!

Daily Leaders

Lead morning and afternoon greetings and Show & Tell, and organize the library.
The responsibilities of Daily Leaders help keep everyone else accountable each day.

News Leaders

Announce weather, the day, month, and day of month during our morning gathering time.

Keeping track of the days are a big part of enforcing routine with everyone.

Outside Leaders

Water the plants, pick up leaves or flowers, and clean up the sandbox toys.

Being responsible outside teaches our kids to take care of everything we own, not just the belongings we have inside.

Teachers help make sure each Leader knows what job they have, and give commands and assistance to the students in both English and Japanese. This helps Leaders each week to practice using everyday phrases in both languages.

Because our youngest students has the beginning of the school year to watch the older kids take on Leader Board responsibilities, they all should know what is expected of them as they join from the second academic term.

Not only does this help each child participate more in our daily life at school, the Leader Board teaches life skills to also use at home, and brings out a stronger sense of responsibility from within.