Hawaii Learning Track 🌺


Your Learner will be taught about a new culture, learn over 35 English words, use and practice essential vocabulary relating to spacial awareness, and be introduced to ‘The Aloha Spirit’ – treating other people and our Planet Earth with kindness, care, and compassion.

A learning track is an interactive and immersive online course developed by native English speaking educators and parents. In each track, we provide content in all different styles of learning (reading/writing, auditory, visual, & kinesthetic) to appeal to different types of learners and help strengthen the neural connections for each new concept by introducing it in a variety of different ways. We also keep true to the ILH style of learning that includes physical activity, imaginative fun, and a heavy emphasis on song and dance (to our ILH original songs!). Who said online learning can’t be engaging and fun?


Over 65 Minutes of Immersive Learning!
Your learner will be taught basic conversational greetings and over 35 English words! We’ll even learn some Hawaiian lingo too!
Experience a new culture!
In this Learning Track your learner will travel to the beautiful island of Hawaii! Together we’ll learn all about the animals that live there, how the Hawaiian islands were formed, and lots more about Hawaiian culture!
Practical Learning
By the end of this learning track, your learner will understand 5 new vocabulary words relating to Spatial Awareness, such as above, below, and next to!
Aloha Spirit
The big-picture idea for this learning track is the Aloha Spirit! Your learner gets introduced to the Hawaiian spirit of kindness & compassion when Bob meets a new friend Leilani as she teaches him about what the Aloha Spirit means to the Hawaiian people.
What is included in your Learning Track 🔑   10 fun and engaging coloring pages of Bob at the beach, with dinosaurs, and even on the moon! 🔑   8 original animated videos that teach your learner about Hawaiian culture, English words, our earth, and much more! 🔑   5 great printable crafts like our Pineapple Popsicles that are perfect for stay-at-home fun! 🔑   4 live-teaching videos featuring our very own ILH Teachers that guide you through fun crafts and activities for the whole family!  


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