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Teach English in Japan at the International Language House: Join a team of global professionals living and working together abroad.

The International Language House is hiring now for teaching positions both in-person and online. Our hiring team can help with the visa process, housing, and all other logistics for your move to Japan. Apply to your dream job in Japan now to teach English abroad and have the adventure of a lifetime alongside coworkers from Chile, India, France, Italy, the UK, Mexico, Spain, the US, and more!

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Dispatch Teacher

Foreign teachers in our dispatch divison travel to schools throughout the Tokyo area, teaching English to children ages 3-5 years old. Our dispatch schools are located throughout Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama areas, giving you the chance to explore the beautiful country of Japan even during your workday! After starting in 2006, our Dispatch Division represents over 200 schools today.
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In-House Teacher

In the International Language House Kindergarten, Preschool, and Nurseries, our English teachers are trained in our Global Education Currriculum. After starting in 2012 with only 3 students, our Education Division has grown to represent a unique Kindergarten, Preschool, and licensed nursery school. In 2021, we will be opening the doors of our second International Language House nursery school!
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Nursery Placement

Here at the International Language House, we also provide interested foreign candidates with opportunities to connect with potential employers all over Japan. In other words, you can teach English anywhere! ILH will find, interview, and place candidates into fulfilling well-paying jobs here in Japan that fit their profile and interests.
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Product Team

Our Product Team is the newest division to our company. We create alternative methods of learning online to continue to provide fun and exciting ways to teach English to children here in Japan – and one day, around the world. Candidates that are offered positions within the Product team can find a plethora of different avenues to grow their professional career abroad.

Company Mission

The core principle of an International Language House education is to provide knowledge and direction for our students to one day become independent global citizens. Here in Japan, we have many international schools where the culture stands in stark contrast with the rest of the country. Therefore, our mission is to help children develop their personality and intelligence in both Japanese and English, and in doing so fully recognizing the beauty of Japanese as a language and as a culture. It is our mission to help raise our students with the knowledge and power to make positive impacts in our ever-changing global society. At the International Language House, we design a variety of programs to meet the needs of our clients. Our unique English programs are designed to draw attention and provide education in a fun way through sports, games, performing arts, and culture. From our numerous international teachers, we include world cultures that only our teachers can share with their students. We wish to provide our clients with effective communication tools and enable them to see, listen, and share on an international scale. Click here to Learn More

Company Timeline

  • Parent company, Kurobe Corporation, was founded in 1903
  • Registered as a foreign language school in 2006
  • Working with hundreds of nursery schools, kindergartens and after school programs to provide song & dance English classes around Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba.
  • Launched a digital curriculum and program in 2020
  • Proposed and obtained multiple contracts with the city of Yokohama through English education with physical fitness and sports
  • Proposed and obtained multiple contracts within the city of Yokohama through English education with performing arts
  • Established ILH Kindergarten in 2012
  • Established ILH Preschool in 2018
  • Established a Licensed Nursery School in Kawasaki in 2020
  • Began Annual Performing Arts and Cultural Summer Show for clients and residents of Yokohama 2017
  • Broke ground on a new Licensed Nursery School in Fujisaki in 2021

Teacher Testimonials

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Gaëtan Duquesnoy
Human Resource Manager

Home Country: France 🌍

quoteIf I had to summarize ILH in one word, it would be: opportunities. Whether it’s through music, sports or education, ILH is working towards creating a community that gathers people around one common tool: the English Language.Working at ILH gave me tremendous opportunities: meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds but also to build up my career in ways that I didn’t expect.

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Camila Salazar
Dispatch Teacher & Mentor

Home Country: Chile 🌎

Working as a dispatch teacher I have had the opportunity of sharing many rewarding and interesting moments with kids. I’ve realized how much love and happiness we can give them with a simple song or a game when we are enjoying that time with them. It is amazing how much they give in return with appreciation and smiles. One of the top experiences living in Japan has been meeting kids from different backgrounds, ages, with unique personalities. On top of that, learning that they all just want to learn and have fun – it is very inspiring.

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