International Language House Dispatch teachers!

We take pride over our diverse group of skilled, friendly, fun, and creative teachers at International Language House. Our company would not be successful without them! Want in on a part of the action? Here are a few tips.

International Language House’s goal for dispatch teaching can be summarized by the Three E’s, which are listed as Entertainment, Encouragement, and Energy. Let’s talk about those in depth.


A teacher who is entertaining is someone who is willing to provide performing skills in some form for kids to enjoy. This can mean a lot of things; starting as simply as being physically  expressive. It is a skill in itself to be able to utilize one’s body, voice and facial movements to communicate well, despite language barriers. Regular conversation quickly becomes a game of charades. Using funny voices and faces also bring a sense of animation to any topic. Kids may not understand everything you are saying, but they will certainly want to pay attention to you if you are doing something interesting! 

In our repertoire of teachers, we have many dancers, artists, musicians, and even some former clown and circus performers in the mix. But not everyone needs to know how to juggle to be a great entertainer. As long as you are doing something that makes you feel good, this will make the kids feel good, too! 

One great skill learned by entertaining and performing is the ability to stand in front of others and showcase the best parts of oneself. Passing this skill onto children is a very special way to create connection and empower them to try something new. When a child is not feeling confident, this is when encouragement comes in.

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