International Language House Dispatch teachers!

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We take pride over our diverse group of skilled, friendly, fun, and creative teachers at International Language House. Our company would not be successful without them! Want in on a part of the action? Here are a few tips.

International Language House’s goal for dispatch teaching can be summarized by the Three E’s, which are listed as Entertainment, Encouragement, and Energy. Let’s talk about those in depth. This is the page for “Encouragement”.


A big priority for ILH teachers is to bring a warm, friendly and positive atmosphere to any classroom. This creates a safe space for kids and helps them feel comfortable when they are feeling uncertain about English class. An encouraging teacher understands that some kids may have difficulty learning or getting along right away, but is always inviting them to join anyway. 

Warming up to a teacher or activity takes more time for some kids. This may be because they don’t know how to interact with new people very well. Or because they feel embarrassed about certain aspects of the lesson and feel like they can’t do it. It may even be because they don’t have a lot of friends and can’t interact safely with others quite yet. These are all valid emotions that we as teachers must recognize and acknowledge and can give them space as a response. However, this does not mean it’s not worth trying to include them and let them know they are always welcome to try something new together. 

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