International Language House Dispatch teachers!

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We take pride over our diverse group of skilled, friendly, fun, and creative teachers at International Language House. Our company would not be successful without them! Want in on a part of the action? Here are a few tips.

International Language House’s goal for dispatch teaching can be summarized by the Three E’s, which are listed as Entertainment, Encouragement, and Energy. Let’s talk about those in depth.


As well as a warm and comfortable atmosphere, International Language House dispatch teachers aim to make English classes fun with energetic songs, dances, and games! Get ready to dance and sing your heart out with kids! We love teachers who are fully excited about leading games and activities with children. Energy is contagious, so if you are enjoying yourself, it is easy to spread that joy to your students. The opposite is also true, so having a grasp on your own mental health is something to not be overlooked!

Of course, having positive energy in the classroom makes for a great teacher, but a step up from that is having a great energy outside of the classroom. We love working with someone who agrees with International Language House’s mission, has a desire to make connections with kids, and is eager to bring their own uniqueness to the program. We want to bring out the best qualities of each of our teachers. So show us what that looks like!

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