Connecting the World

Connecting the World

Learn English with our teachers from 15+ countries in person and online.

Learn English with our teachers from 15+ countries in person and online.

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We offer services for learners from 0 to 100 years old.

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Private Schools
1.7 to 6 Years Old



Licensed Nurseries
1 to 6 Years Old


Bob at home online teaching


Online Learning
2 to 12 Years Old



Dispatch & Recruit
0 to 100 Years Old



0 to 100 Years Old



In response to the Covid-19 virus, check out our Health & Safety protocol to see how we are keeping our teachers and students safe in 2021

Our Message

Learn more about the International Language House’s unique approach to education!


We believe our school is the closest environment to a home you can find for learning English. From the moment you step into any of our campuses or classes, you’ll immediately feel like you’ve arrived home. For this reason, we develop and provide programs to people of all ages, from 0-100. We do this so that every participant can experience joy and happiness from learning English. On top of that, our ILH family includes teaching staff from all over the world, giving our classes a unique look into cultures from all over the world. I truly believe that enabling people to communicate effectively with English speakers will lead to more prosperity and happiness in Japan.

Our Impact

Don’t just take our word for it! Hear from some of our clients.


Bright & Friendly 💖

The International Language House has a high quality of foreign teachers! Online programming is great for developing English skills while still engaging and fun for kids!


Incredible 💯

The teachers are cheerful and close to the children. I prefer the ILH teaching style of playing in English while working and learning together!


Learning for all ages 🎓

The English teacher casually instructed the children while incorporating music and games with a charm that attracted the children. Even the Japanese caregivers were able to learn during the lesson!

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