Fun Games, Videos, & Activities for Learning English Online (for Kids!)

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Fun and unique games, videos, and activities by native speakers to help kids learn English at home or in the classroom. Try one of our short videos, explore a Learning Track, download a Coloring Book page, or connect with a sales representative to customize the perfect fun english learning program for your kids today!

English Learning Videos

Engaging & Interactive

Laugh, play, and sing along with our english learning teachers for an interactive online experience. Explore Now

Live English Teachers

Our short videos include native and non-native english speakers from around the world with unique english teaching styles. Explore Now

Crafts, Games, & More!

We offer a wide range of english learning activities including crafts, games, exloration videos, and even sing-a-longs. Explore Now

Coloring Books

These coloring books give students an opportunity to take the images and topics they have learned in class and bring them home to put their own spin on them. This has an enormous impact on a student’s retention of related class topics. Utilize children’s innate ability to understand concepts through colors, shapes and visuals rather than through linguistic cues. An add-on to the illustrations they are already used to seeing in class.

Learning Tracks


Our Land & Sea

Your Learner will be taught about a new culture, learn 20 English words, use and practice essential vocabulary relating to the world around them, and learn ‘The Aloha Spirit’ – treating other people and our Planet Earth with kindness, care, and compassion.

Start the adventure now 🏁

A learning track is an interactive and immersive online course developed by native english speaking educators and parents. In each track, we provide content in all different styles of learning (reading/writing, auditory, visual, & kinesthetic) to appeal to different types of learners and help strengthen the neural connections for each new concept by introducing it in a variety of different ways. We also keep true to the ILH style of learning that includes physical activity, imaginative fun, and a heavy emphasis on song and dance (to our ILH original songs!). Who said online learning can’t be engaging and fun?

Each learning track includes a combination of kid-friendly animated content and our very own ILH teachers. Within each learning track, we create a kid-friendly fun zone. Check the visual icons next to each piece of learning content to see if parental participation is recommended. If not, feel free to learn and play alongside your child, or have peace of mind leaving them with a laptop or tablet to explore on their own!
Check out a promo video for the Hawaii Learning Track below 👇

Customize A Plan


Looking for a mixture of live and pre-recorded content to engage your young learner? Confused about how to set up a digital classroom from home? No matter what your questions are — we have answers! Let’s come up with a unique digital plan that works for you and your family!


Wondering about technology requirements for hosting an online class at your school? Looking for examples from successful classes in the past? We would love to talk and answer any questions you might have. Let’s work together to create a unique digital plan that works for your school and students!