Hawaii Learning Track: Preview

6-12 Years Old
Our Land & Sea


Our Land & Sea

After completion of the Hawaii Learning Track, your student should be able to recognize over 5 different types of sea and land animals in English, and even understand some Hawaiian words like Aloha and Ukulele!

Over 65 Minutes of Immersive Learning!

Your learner will be taught basic conversational greetings and over 35 English words! We’ll even learn some Hawaiian lingo too!

Experience a new culture!

In this Learning Track your learner will travel to the beautiful island of Hawaii! Together we’ll learn all about the animals that live there, how the Hawaiian islands were formed, and lots more about Hawaiian culture!

Practical Learning!

By the end of this Learning Track, your Learner will understand 10 new vocabulary words relating to Spatial Awareness, such as by, on, beside, above, and below!

Aloha Spirit!

The high-level focus for this Learning Track is the Aloha Spirit, which means treating other people and our planet with kindness, compassion, and respect!


Aloha, Hawaii 🌺

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Let’s Go to the Ocean 🐠

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Land Ahoy 🌋

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